The Ultimate Data Integration Platform for
Manufacturing Devices.

Our advanced software integrates with your SCADA system that consolidates diverse operational data,
empowering you to eliminate waste and make informed decisions.

Track, Translate, & Optimize Your Data with Confidence

Experience the transformative power of OptiPro, a cutting-edge SCADA integration system designed to streamline your manufacturing operations. Our platform seamlessly tracks and translates your diverse operational data into a unified dashboard, empowering you to eliminate waste and make informed decisions with absolute confidence.


Maximize Efficiency with OptiPro's Advanced integration with your current Industrial Weighing Scales and Systems

Precision in Manufacturing: OptiPro's
Checkweigher Solutions

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, precision is paramount. OptiPro's advanced checkweigher solutions are designed to ensure that precision, providing you with the tools you need to optimize your operations.

More Than Just Scales: Comprehensive Checkweighing Systems

Our checkweigher machines are more than just scales; they are comprehensive checkweighing systems that seamlessly integrate into your production line. Whether you're in the pharmaceutical industry requiring a pharma checkweigher or in food processing, our checkweighers are designed to meet your specific needs.

Speed and Accuracy: High-Speed Checkweighers

OptiPro's checkweighers blend speed and accuracy, adeptly managing high-speed production lines. Their real-time troubleshooting identifies and corrects weight discrepancies, enhancing efficiency and reducing waste.

Data Transformed into Insights: Checkweigher Scales

What truly sets our checkweigher solutions apart is their ability to translate raw data into actionable insights. Our checkweigher scales don't just weigh products; they analyze and interpret weight data, providing you with a clear understanding of your production quality and efficiency.

No SCADA System? No Problem!

At OptiPro, we understand that not every business has a SCADA system in place. But that doesn't mean you can't benefit from our advanced software solutions. Our technology is designed to be versatile and adaptable, capable of integrating with any device or system you currently have in place.

Whether you're just starting your digital transformation journey or looking to enhance your existing infrastructure, OptiPro is here to support you. Our software provides you with the tools you need to track, translate, and optimize your data, regardless of your current setup.

Don't let the lack of a SCADA system hold you back. With OptiPro, you can start making smarter, data-driven decisions today.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about how OptiPro can help you optimize your operations, no SCADA system required.

Power of PLCs with OptiPro

Seamless Integration

OptiPro is designed to work flawlessly with your existing Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your operations.

Real-Time Data Monitoring

With OptiPro, you can monitor your PLCs in real-time from a centralized platform. This allows for quick, informed decision-making, enhancing your operational efficiency.

Optimized Control

OptiPro not only provides data from your PLCs but also allows you to control them from a single platform. This reduces the complexity of your operations and allows for more streamlined processes.

Flexible and Adaptable

No matter your current setup, OptiPro's compatibility with various PLCs ensures that we can meet the unique needs of your manufacturing operations. Our system is designed to be adaptable, catering to your specific requirements.

The Power of Industrial Data Dashboards

In the realm of manufacturing, data is king. With OptiPro's industrial dashboard, you can track, analyze, and optimize your data with ease. Our dashboard provides real-time insights into your operations, allowing you to monitor performance and make informed decisions. Whether it's your machines production rates, or quality metrics, our dashboard puts all the data you need at your fingertips.


No patience for
operational waste

OptiPro was developed on a principle: you can only make fully informated operational decisions if you have clear, integrated data. When every machine and brand speaks a different language, you never get a full picture of where you're wasting resources and why.

OptiPro tracks that data and transforms it into knowledge, saving companies millions in operational and capital expenses.

Eradicate operational waste and
maximize profit.

Your operational decisions can be fully confident. OptiPro tracks and translates
real-time data into an integrated dashboard for your full fleet of devices.

Efficiency starts with clear data.

Make operational decisions with maximum confidence:

Real-Time Dashboard Monitoring

Monitor your equipment for performance and trends in real time using custom dashboards.

Device-Specific Drilldown

Drill down to any specific, connected device to check for operational efficiency.

Data Unification

Receive information in your language. OptiPro translates up to five data languages into a unified dataspace.

Secure Platform & 99.9%+ Uptime

OptiPro's secure platform and reliable uptime means you won't miss the critical data that keeps you within your KPIs.

Custom Reporting & Analytics

Receive reports on the business intelligence platform that works for you: PowerBI, Tableau, or Google Data Studio.

Real-Time Alerts

E-mail alerts if a device drifts outside your defined optimization metrics.

All your data, unified.

Production process data can fly at you in up to five different languages. Track, translate, and optimize with OptiPro.