How OptiPro Works



Link any connected IIOT device on your manufacturing floor to OptiPro's Device Manager to track operational data in real time.



The Device Manager gathers and translates different programming languages into one unified dashboard - accessible through any internet browser.



OptiPro's Dashboard unifies fixed and variable device data into one user interface, delivering process-wide insights with drilldown into device-specific graphs and data.


Alerts & Reporting

Custom SMS and email alerts for negative trends or exceeded thresholds. Get custom reports with Power BI, Google Data Studio, and/or Tableau.

Eradicate operational waste and
maximize profit.

Your operational decisions can be fully confident. OptiPro tracks and translates
real-time data into an integrated dashboard for your full fleet of devices.

Remote Monitoring from Any Internet Connection

Optimize Throughput with Smarter Resource Allocation

Efficiently Capture Data from Multiple Devices

Simple Dashboard and Graphics

Export Data easily for Advanced Analysis


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Vehicle Scale Tracking

(Waste / Aggregates / Recycling / Agriculture)

Waste and Tracking System for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

Electronic Traceability and Audit Tracking

Production Tracking and Batching

(Automatic and/or Manual)

Parts Counting Compliance

(Discrete / Automotive Manufacturing)

Quality Assurance and Net Weight Filling Control


All your data, except smarter.

Streamline your production process with OptiPro – the ultimate solution in scale tracking software. In today's fast-paced environment, dealing with multiple devices and coding languages consumes valuable time. OptiPro eradicates this complexity by centralizing data in a single, user-friendly interface. With data presented in a consistent language, you're empowered to optimize operations and bolster your bottom line, efficiently and effectively.

Security is paramount in OptiPro’s design, ensuring your sensitive data remains protected at every turn. Our web server fortifies your data with an encrypted HTTPS connection, backed by a robust SSL certificate, thwarting any attempts of data interception by malicious entities.

Moreover, our database resides within a private cloud, exclusively accessed through the web server, eliminating risks of unauthorized bypassing of this encrypted pathway. OptiPro also employs a stringent user authentication system with SHA256 password hashing, offering customizable data access to safeguard your information with the highest security standards.