July 9, 2024

OptiPro Case Study: Producer Aims For Simplicity

In the fast-paced world of beverage manufacturing, precision, efficiency, and data integration are key to maintaining high-quality production standards and operational excellence. For a leading beverage manufacturer, meeting these challenges became a reality with the integration of OptiPro, a production data tracking and storage software. OptiPro revolutionized the way the manufacturer monitored and analyzed production line data, leading to significant improvements in operational efficiency and quality control.


Before OptiPro, the beverage manufacturer faced numerous challenges in monitoring and managing data from its diverse and complex production line. With 34 scales connected to Rockwell PLCs and ethernet, capturing and analyzing over 691,101 weighments in 2022 alone was no small feat. The production line was equipped with multiple types of Mettler Toledo scales, including dual head fillers with conveyor/checkweighers, bench scales, floor scales, and checkweighers, all needing to be monitored as a unified system. Additionally, the manufacturer used several legacy monitoring programs which were cumbersome and could not be updated or upgraded easily.


OptiPro provided a seamless solution by integrating with the manufacturer’s production line management tool to create valuable visual dashboards, reporting data to a SQL database for comprehensive analysis. This integration facilitated: A unified dashboard replacing several programs, simplifying data monitoring and collection from all 34 scales across the facility. Easy navigation and access to crucial information, including scale connection status, scale information, and the last time a weighment was taken. Enhanced monitoring capabilities across five production teams, enabling precise control and analysis of the production process. Remote updates and improvements, eliminating the need for on-site availability for system.


OptiPro’s impact on the manufacturer’s operations has been profound: Streamlined Data Collection and Reporting: “Before OptiPro, gathering data for reports was a logistical nightmare. We had to visit multiple sites and use several programs which was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. Now, OptiPro consolidates all the scale data from across the facility, making report generation quick and straightforward. It’s been a game changer for our productivity.” Proactive Process Improvement: “With the time saved and the improved visibility into our processing data, we are now exploring other areas of our production line where we can apply data management to enhance efficiency. OptiPro has opened our eyes to the potential improvements we can make across our operations.” Enhanced Problem Resolution: “When a problem occurs, the ability to quickly review the processing data around the fault has been invaluable. OptiPro allows us to pinpoint issues with precision, helping us to address them effectively and prevent future occurrences. This capability has significantly improved our operational reliability and product quality.”



OptiPro has transformed the beverage manufacturer’s production line into a model of efficiency and precision. By replacing outdated systems with a streamlined, easy-to-use dashboard, OptiPro has not only enhanced operational efficiency but also ensured the highest standards of quality and compliance are met consistently. This case study exemplifies how innovative solutions like OptiPro are critical in the advancement of manufacturing processes in the beverage industry.

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